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Cannot add custom property to custom report


Does anyone know why Hubspot would prevent me from being able to add a custom property (formatted number) to a custom report (single object, based on contacts)?


Essentially I am attempting to chart my users by months until renewal (months until renewal is the formatted number field that I am being prevented from adding).


By "prevented from adding," I mean I am able to add the custom property to the "Data" section, but it is grayed out when I try to add it to the "Visualization" section.

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Cannot add custom property to custom report

I'll third (fourth?) the ask of what your subscription level is. My subscription is Marketing Hub Pro and Sales Hub Pro and I have no issues creating custom reports on a custom datetime object I have at the Contact level. I'd also ask what exact overall report you were doing - what was the visualization chart you wanted to use, what other properties did you have in the report, and did you have any filters set.


You could probably do this free with Demand Sage (shameless), but depending on your subscription level or access to the Reporting add-on we may be able to get it up in the HS dashboards with a bit more information.


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Cannot add custom property to custom report

Hey @MzSeJP 


Could you please advise which subscription do you have? With this information, the community will be able to help you 🙂


Hey @AdamLPW @mike-ward could you please share your thoughts with @MzSeJP


Thank you & Happy Friday


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Cannot add custom property to custom report

Would love to be able to help, but I don't have access to report builder on my current subscription.


@sharonlicari - if HubSpot feels like upgrading me as a reward for being such an upstanding (?!) community member, I wouldn't complain!

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Cannot add custom property to custom report

I second @AdamLPW on that one - I also don't currently have a Professional account to try this out (needed for Calculated fields). Would be great to have a full account with everything enabled for Community Champions to make such things quicker 😄


Sorry @MzSeJP , hope someone else can jump in here. Otherwise, might be worth reaching out to support if you haven't already to see if they can confirm whether that's a bug or just a limitation of the custom fields. It wouldn't totally surprise me if it is a limitation in which case the usual response of 'export it and report outside of HubSpot' applies - but that's not so helpful in this case, as you clearly want it for an operational dashboard.






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