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Hi there,


I have been exporting my deals to a CSV file into excel. The only issue I am having is that if the date is a doube digit (25, 16, 11 etc) then the cell is not picked up as a date. If the date is a single digit (1, 5,7 etc) there doesnt seem to be an issue. Anyone have the same issue and knows how to resolve this without having to esnure every date field is a single character?

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HI @Tannah,


Is there a specific field that this is happening with? I am unable to reproduce the issue on my end, but want to make sure I am looking in the right place. 


If you can send along screenshots of where you are seeing this, and which field it is associated with, that would be great!


The more screenshots, details and and information you can provide, the better the Community can assist! 


Thank you,

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