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Avg Time between Stages

Hi, we are creating many reports to track Avg Time between Set Stages for Tickets - both on the team level and per agent. 
I'm using workflows to set the date when our Tickets are entering specific stages, and using Calculated properties to count the time between these 2 dates

I've noticed that
1) even though the automation is set to insert the date of the step, for some tickets it's inserting another day (first 2 screenshots)
2) even though I see the correct time logs for each stage, the calculated properties are not showing the correct data. For most of the Tickets that were moved in 5-10 minutes the system is setting 0 with a note "a few seconds"

Does anyone have experince with fixing these issues? Thanks!





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Avg Time between Stages

Hey there,

1) Tbh this needs a closer look at the workflow but here is what I would do to find the root cause:

Go to workflow and check the actions log tab, there you should see what exactly the workflow is doing, and from there check what happened to the date property of a certain ticket. Seems like your branches are able to edit the same property, which can cause problems, also keep in mind data processing with workflows can take some time which might be problematic when you have two branches working with the same properties. 
If your ticket stages can change fast, you can think about adding short time delays within your workflow to allow automation to fully execute before moving to the next action or branch.

2)  I have not experienced such thing but you can check what your calculated property show when you do report on that? Maybe it's a front-end issue that you are seeing it this  way, if its still the same when you report, and you are sure your logged dates and calculated property logic is right, I would suggest checking it with support.

Again it needs a closer look I think but hope it helps