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Is it possible to archive (or something similar) Won or Lost deals so that they don't appear on the board/table? It's starting to get quite long now. I want to be able to view the deal information from the contact or company in the future so don't want to delete them.

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Hey @Anonymous,

Thanks for the question!

It is not currently possible to archive deals within your portal. In order for the deal to remain associated with companies and contacts, they needs to be active in your portal. You can search, vote for or post this as a feature request on our ideas forum here:


You can create a view in your deals to exclude deals that are in closed won and closed lost and save this view within your deals area, however this information will not carry over to your sales dashboard. I have attached a brief video which outlines how to do this. 


creating deal view.gif


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Hi @jennysowyrda,


Thanks for the reply. That's a good start, but will be good for the figures to be gone off the dashboard too so I'll pop a post over in the ideas forum.


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@Anonymous It is a good practice to post the link for the idea forum on a thread that was started here. This way you can receive support.


We have created an "Archived Deals" pipeline. Once deals are ready to be archived but not deleted we move them to that pipeline. Then we have a Won, Lost, Cold. deal stage. Makes it easy for the BD teams to go back through old cold deals if they need.


Agreed! Would be a great feature to have!!


Yes, would love to be able to see just the year's deals and consequently the collective total of them rather than all deals ever entered into the pipe. Please consider adding this feature to be able to archive deals once won or lost etc. 


I have the free version so I can't create a 2nd pipeline to move a closed deal to. 


What I did to be able to archive or hide closed won and lost deals is I created a 2nd team member and named them Archived Stuff.  All deals belong to me (I'm a one person sales team) and when I've won or lost a deal I mark them Won or Lost and then I change the "owner" from me to the Archived Stuff person.  Then I can toggle on the pipeline page from My Deals to only see active ones and to All Deals to see the ones I've reassigned to the Archive person I created.  Maybe that will work for some others until they have this archive feature.  If you want to be able to archive by year, make a 2020 Archive person and a new one each year to keep them sorted by year.


Hey there!


While there may not be a feature specifically for this, I've had success adding an additional pipeline to hold this data.


Currently, we have the following pipelines:


  • New Business
  • Renewals
  • Lead Gen
  • Admin

The admin one holds various deals that are valuable for our organization to keep, but not in a "real" pipeline.


Hope this helps!




Is there really no way to move deals out of a pipeline once completed? 


It's almost unbelieveable if it's not and 100% stops me from considering a paid version of hubspot. 


You can make a second pipeline and put the deals there, or, filter them out.


Hope this helps!

- BC

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Hi @Anonymous,


We've dabbled with a few options for this in the past including creating pipelines for 1–2 year periods at a time (e.g. '20-21 Sales Pipeline) or creating "archive" pipelines (similar concept) and organizing deals that way. Unfortunately, all of those cause problems with the automated deal insights/analytics that HubSpot offers so I wouldn't recommend them.


BEST SOLUTION: The best way we've found to do this is to create/manage deal "views" (by year) to filter based on the Close Date property with Before/After/Between. This is nice because HubSpot automatically updates the Close Date when a deal is moved into Closed Won/Lost stage.


Between Pipelines and Views you have a lot of flexibility. The biggest bummer I've found is that you can't set a "default view." So if you set your HubSpot Cog to default to Deals, it will still require an extra click.. But you can also bookmark a specific view within your browser so that's a pretty easy workaround.


Hope you find that helpful!

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