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Add WIN probability percentage and Company name to Deals table view

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My team want to be able to view their deals in the table format, which includes the Company name and next to sales pipeline stage, the WIN probability percentage.


Using the "Associated with" field only alllows for either the contact name or the company name to appear but not both.  And I can't see how I can get the WIN probability to show up on the table either.


Is there a way to display both the Contact's name and Company on the table view along with the probability of winning!




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Hi @JenP,


You would have to pull these in as custom properties. If you're on a Pro level, you could automate the setting of the win probability custom field based on the deal stage.


To show the associated contact, I think you'll have to use a custom property and manually complete that field. You'd probably want to enter the full name of the primary contact. I'm not sure there's any other way to accomplish it at this time.


After your properties are set, you can pull them into table view.



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Thanks Josh,

I'll try those options out.



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