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A la cart Custom Report Packs

Forcing a company to upgrade to create a single custom report loses revenue potential for HubSpot.


There should be an a la cart pricing scenrio for small businesses where we can purchase either a single or pack of custom reports. I need to create 1 custom report but not for $10K/yr. because I have to upgrade.


Charge me $5/mo for a custom report pack of 3. Add more revenue to your bottom line and provide a sensible option for small business.

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A la cart Custom Report Packs

Could you automate the data you have to a spreadsheet platform and design the custom report from there? I know ideally templates are what you want, but it could be a work around?

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A la cart Custom Report Packs

@ABurgess @Jones001   There is a paid app in the HubSpot App Marketplace that exports all CRM data to Excel -- the Excel Integration for HubSpot.  Using this app, your HubSpot data can be set up to refresh in Excel on a regularly scheduled basis. The integration would enable you to automate your sales reporting and create the charts you need.  
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A la cart Custom Report Packs

Hi @Jones001,


Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate that you took the time to share it with us. 


We've updated the custom report builder this year and it now provides a significantly more powerful reporting experience by combining all HubSpot data into one place, but the tool is currently only available for Professional subscriptions and up, correct. 

I'll go ahead and share your feedback with the product team. 


Thank you.


Mia, Community Team 

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