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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Get Started With Marketing Hub Enterprise

Congratulations on taking the next step to scale your teams and elevate your marketing efforts! Before learning about the advanced functionality available in Marketing hub Enterprise, check out these guides:


Continue on to learn more about how to get started with HubSpot’s Enterprise-level Marketing tools!


Leverage Increased Team Functionalities

  • Restrict a property so that only specific users and teams can view or edit the property's data on records using Field-Level Permissions
  • Create a team hierarchy with HubSpot’s Hierarchical Teams by nesting teams under each other to organize them. Teams above others can see everything owned below them, but the teams under can't see everything owned by the team above them.
  • Set up advanced Asset Partitioning to limit access to content, data, and more so only the right teams and users can view and edit them. Enterprise accounts unlock asset partitioning for advanced tools including: campaigns, dashboards, reports, properties, email, form, workflows, and more!
  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) to give your team members one account for all of the systems your business uses.
  • Turn on Conversation intelligence to leverage AI to automatically record, transcribe, and analyze hours of sales calls. This Ai will identify keywords and conversation topics so you’re able to efficiently locate the most important parts of your sales calls and then jump to and analyze them.


Take Your Reporting To The Next Level

  • Leverage Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution to show ALL of the interactions a customer took in their journey and analyze which touchpoints led to the most revenue.
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Set up Custom Events to track information unique to your business

Optimize Your Content With Advanced Testing

  • See how making small changes to your page can affect its conversion rate with Adaptive Testing that will automatically show your highest performing content to visitors more often. 
  • Set up a Sandbox account to test functionalities without impacting your main HubSpot account


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