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    • Hey everyone, I'm excited to try out the HubSpot AI chatbot but I noticed it only accepts training data through URLs. What's the best way to add data from Word documents, PDFs, or Excel files for the chatbot? Do I need to put that data on a webpage, or is there an easier method, like hosting the file on HubSpot or Google Drive? Thanks! ...Beitrag ansehen
    • Hi HubSpot Community! I’m working on setting up our customer support ticketing system in HubSpot, and I could use a bit of help. I’m trying to ensure that all our ticket-related emails follow a consistent naming convention in the subject line, similar to HubSpot’s own setup. I want all emails related to a ticket, including replies from our team, to have a subject line like this: Ticket #[Ticket ID] – [Ticket Name] And I’d love ...Beitrag ansehen
    • Hi HubSpot Community, I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently exploring ways to optimize our customer service processes using HubSpot, and I would greatly appreciate insights and recommendations from those with experience. Specifically, I'm interested in learning about best practices for managing customer interactions, leveraging automation for support tasks, and any tips for enhancing overall efficiency within the HubSpot platform. ...Beitrag ansehen
    • I'm looking for a way to automatically associate tickets if they both associated to the same deal. To explain how we have our process set up... We have our service order forms from our website save as tickets that are manually associated to a deal. When the deal is won... a new service ticket (in a separate ticket pipeline) is automatically created associated to the deal, to begin completing the service order. We'd like for the original se ...Beitrag ansehen
    • Hi Guys, We already have a ticketing system (Service Hub - Help Desk) where users can submit tickets through email, phone, or our customer portal. When a ticket is submitted and received , I want to trigger an automated response. The response should include suggestions for articles from our knowledge base that may help resolve the issue. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I want to achieve: Automated Response Trigger : Wh ...Beitrag ansehen

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ebrr22 on Juli 24, 2024
Is there any way to move or remove the default views in Help Desk? We only have one team which doesn't use most of these as we work with numerous Open-type statuses, so having All Open or My Team's Open/Unassigned just takes up space and doesn't Beitrag ansehen
Bayanitani89 on Juli 24, 2024
Hello, I am a new user here. I created ticket properties that I want to have with each ticket. I also integrated our team inbox to HubSpot. However, how can I make it compulsory for agents to fill the ticket information form before marking any Beitrag ansehen
Mitglied | Diamond Partner
Juli 24, 2024
Hi Bayan, You can set conditional status properties for each status in any of your Ticket pipelines. If you go to your Settings > Objects &g...Beitrag ansehen
DJohnson4 on Juli 24, 2024
Hi, I have started using tags on my tickets for customers who begin a quote with us but don't complete it. The tags are determined by the quoted start date. For example, I have a tag for "Quoted Start Date = Today" and one for "Quoted Start Date = Beitrag ansehen
Juli 24, 2024
Hi @karstenkoehler , That's exactly how I've got it set up for each of the date ranges. thank you for confirming, David
SHARProgramDir on Juli 24, 2024
I am trying to update my email signature within HubSpot, and cannot seem to get it to work. Here is what I've done along with the outcome. - Replaced old email signature and saved, as normal - Sent emails still have old signature - Deleted sig Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Juli 24, 2024
Hey there! Updating email signature on this page: Sending emails from inbox, ...Beitrag ansehen
AIMW on Juli 24, 2024
I am trying to creat a repository, with the aim of it holding all relevant sales information. So brochures, banners, logos, images etc. I don't know where in Hubsport would be the best place or this. It needs to be something that anynone with a link Beitrag ansehen
Berühmtheit | Partner
Juli 24, 2024
Hi @AIMW , HubSpot has a file manager where you can upload files, generate links and also set these files to no index / private: https://know...Beitrag ansehen
IHunter0 on Juli 23, 2024
HelpDesk allows for simple filtering on the table page when you are on a view such as filter by "Priority" or "Ticket Status". My support reps have noticed that the "High" priority status defaults to the bottom of the page, and when they filter to Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Mitglied | Gold Partner
Juli 24, 2024
Hi @IHunter0 , You can create Views for every preference you want for quick view. Likewise view for "High Priority", "Medium", "Ticket Status"...Beitrag ansehen