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    • Hello! I am wanting to find a way to send a CES email after a contact has 10 tickets close. So for example, they would have tickets 1-10 all closed and then they woudl receive a survey. They wouldn't receive another survey until the 20th ticket was closed. I want to get CES information from clients, but don't want to blow them up if they have many tickets. more
    • Hi all! I am looking for a way to calculate volume of tickets as a workflow trigger. I want to trigger a workflow to send an email to everyone submitting a ticket if the volume reaches a certain amount within a certain period of time. This should hopefully be able to let everyone submitting tickets know that we are receiving a high volume of tickets, which could affect response time. more
    • Hey everyone! I am working on getting all of our knowledge base articles moved over to the new knowledge base, but I'm having an issue when you try to access the page for the primary/main category of articles that has every single article listed... They all come up as a 404 Not Found page, but the articles within the category come up just fine. This isn't an issue with the current/old knowledge base. I've compared the URLs and everything more
    • Hi, Is there a way to view only active contacts for the ticket company when creating a ticket / editing a ticket? Currently I get every single CRM contact to choose from when I want to add a contact into a ticket. As you can imagine, bit painful when you don't know the name and have to search by the email domain name to find those for the company. I create upgrade tickets via an import, and need to add contacts to the ticket based on on more
    • Hi everyone, I'm currently using ServiceHub for our company's onboarding pipeline, and I'm facing a few challenges. Our clients don't always complete onboarding steps in order, and sometimes they don't finish all the steps. I want to create a pipeline that provides the most accurate reporting possible. Specifically, I need to track not only how long clients take to onboard but also identify which stages they aren't completing or where th more

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imanmoaz on July 11, 2024
Hello HubSpot Community! My team and I have developed a tool that transforms any process into step-by-step instructions and product videos, which can then be exported directly to HubSpot's Knowledge Base. Check out this quick demo of our product read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
July 12, 2024
Hey @PamCotton thank you for your feedback and it's great to be in this community. We believe this will bring immense value to those who host more
KSimpson2007 on July 11, 2024
I'm looking for a way to automatically associate tickets if they both associated to the same deal. To explain how we have our process set up... We have our service order forms from our website save as tickets that are manually associated to a de read more
July 12, 2024
@karstenkoehler Thank you! Got it working with your help!
CUras on July 11, 2024
Hi, Some of our phone numbers are being marked as "likely spam". How can we remove that and also have our company name displayed.
0 upvote
8 Replies
July 12, 2024
MTurkishvili7 on July 11, 2024
We have several "categories" of forms for different purposes, such as Webinars, Trials, Knowledge Sessions, Platform experiences, etc. Each comes in multiple languages. It would be nice to have the possibility to create properties for the form itse read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 11, 2024
Hi @MTurkishvili7 , This is currently not possible but will very likely be introduced soon – we've already seen the roll-out of campaign, list, more
AdvocaseyS5 on July 10, 2024
Hi Guys, I am looking to automate the process of tagging and updating the status of notification emails within HubSpot. Specifically, I want to: Automate the tagging of incoming emails based on their content. Update the status of these ema read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 11, 2024
@AdvocaseyS5 if you're on a Service Hub Professional subscription, this can easily be achieved with a ticket-based workflow: more
AdvocaseyS5 on July 09, 2024
Hi Guys, We already have a ticketing system (Service Hub - Help Desk) where users can submit tickets through email, phone, or our customer portal. When a ticket is submitted and received , I want to trigger an automated response. The resp read more
Community Manager
July 09, 2024
Hey @AdvocaseyS5 , welcome to our Community! To automate ticket responses in HubSpot Service Hub, you can set up a workflow that triggers more