FAQ Fridays - Add your Questions for our AMA on Nov 15

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FAQ Fridays are your opportunity to ask questions about HubSpot tools and strategies and get immediate advice and guidance from a HubSpot expert. Plus, you'll benefit from hearing the questions of other HubSpot users just like you.


Our first session on Friday November 15 2019 at 1 pm EST is dedicated to a crucial element of HubSpot - contacts


We'll answer your questions live. Some items we plan to cover are:

- contact list hygiene

- using default and custom contact properties

- auditing your database


What else would you add to this list? Is there a certain question(s) you'd like us to address?


Share your questions below, and use the 'upvote' feature to help us prioritize the questions we'll cover during the session.


Note: Any questions not answered live will be answered here. 

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New Contributor

I'm struggling with keeping email activity up to date in Hubspot. If a contact emails me (without responding to a thread that was generated in Hubspot) it appears to be excluded from the activity on Hubspot. Is there a way that Hubspot can identify an existing contact and automatically include the email in the contact activity?  Thanks! 

HubSpot Employee

HubSpot will automatically track sent, and consequently received, emails to contacts if the “track” button is checked off. As you mentioned, if the email conversation is not initiated by a HubSpot tracked email, replies will not automatically sync into HubSpot. So if you receive an incoming email from a contact on a non-initiated thread, the only way to have that logged in HubSpot is to forward it to the CRM. You can send to HUBID@BCC.Hubspot.com and that will successfully log it. Help article here


Regular Contributor

Is there a way to sync Company Name on contacts with Name on a company? We've noticed that we sometimes have inconsistencies here which affects the data we pull in lists.

New Contributor

Seeing today's topic is focused on Contacts and auditing data, I'd like to ask how others best manage the shifting of contacts from company to company? 


It is not uncommon for engineers we work with to be somewhere new every year or two (less if they are on a contract), and editing their data in Hubspot has proven...challenging.  

Occasional Contributor

Just looking for advice on managing contacts in general, as far as keeping them up to date. Do other companies hire a full-time person to do this for them?


Also, with the auto-import of contacts from email, keeping those under control and getting them on appropriate lists, and possibly deleting ones that have been inactive for a long period.


Our bill gets bigger and bigger, and it's painful to see when it seems like a lot of them might be inactive/irrelevant contacts, or bad email addresses.

Community Superstar

Recommendations for managing HubSpot Contacts with multiple email addresses as they create multiple leads/contacts in Salesforce when using the HubSpot-Salesforce native integration.

[Totally understand if this question is too nuanced for this AMA.]

Hope that helps.





New Contributor

I am new to HubSpot and due to my lack of knowledge I'm finding your instructions video's are over my head.  We are an unusual company in the fact that we have both client and independent contractors contacting us daily.  Is there a way to automatically seperate client contacts from IC's?  There are two of us that receive only client contacts, but others in the company that recieve only IC contacts.  It appears everyones contacts are being filtered into one comapny contact list. 


Secondly, I have attempted to send out a company newsletter through the marketing option but it keeps asking me to select a future date.  I have done that twice but the newsletter has yet to send.


On another note, I have put in 3 ticket request over the past two months and no one has replied.