Ticket Stage Workflows

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There should be ticket stage workflows, just as there are deal-stage workflows. Same use case, same benefits.

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I need to change the status of a ticket based on email triggers.

- When an email is received from the contact, the status should change to "Waiting on Us" and I shoulld be able to also run other tasks.

- When we send an email to a contact from a ticket, the status should change to "Waiting on contact" and I should be able to run other tasks.

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Hi @ChristianSteven,


Ticket workflows are now available for certain service hub subscriptions. Click here for more information.


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Hi Jenny,

I couldn't work out how to set the receipt of an email, or the sending of an email as a trigger for a Ticket workflow. 


I also couldn't work out how to trigger a workflow based on stage.  We can do this in deals, but I don't see it in Tickets. Does this already exist?