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We are attempting to implement a support survey for our technical support tickets.  Unfortunately I find myself contending with some limitations.


What I would like to do:

When a support ticket closes, I would like to send the contact a survey to ask them about their experience.  However, I would like to have some control over if and when the survey is sent, what the survey asks, and the flexibility to have different surveys based on different pipelines.

  • I would like to have the ability to control the content of the question that is being asked with the support survey.
  • Different questions for different types of tickets/pipelines.
  • Suppress the sending of a survey based on some criteria other than whether it is in the specific pipeline
    • Based on a different close status
    • Based on a specific field being set or being blank
    • Based on something other than pipeline = x and status = (type=closed)

Unfortunately I cannot do these things due to the following limitations with the customer support survey.

  • There can be only survey that is.  There is no way to have more than one support survey, so the support survey has to be the same for all pipelines, ticket types, etc...sales, billing, support, etc...etc...
  • There is no way to change the content of the customer support survey ( I realize that a CSAT survey can be used....but that has its own limitations).
  • There is no way to differentiate one "Closed" status from another.  In theory, having a status called "Closed without survey" that would not send a the survey would make it possible, but there is no way to define a particular "closed" status for the survey. Any status that has the open/closed type = "Closed" is considered closed will trigger the sending of the survey.

CSAT Survey vs. Customer Support Survey:


Customer statisfaction survey provides more flexibility than the support survey in that you can have multiple CSAT Surveys.  However the CSAT survey is based on a list of recipients that is generated based on a query of many different selection criteria, but not based on the status of a specific ticket or events that affect specific tickets.  So CSAT gives me the ability to change somethings about the survey, but not trigger the survey based on an event for a specific ticket.


I am sure that I am not the only person using this product that has these challenges.  I am very interested in how you may have approached these limitations and if you found a way to work around them.


Thank you

James Roberts





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Hey @James-Preseem 


Thank you for your information, I think this is great feedback, our Product Manager for Feedback here at HubSpot @Tom is working on understanding ways of improving reporting in feedback survey tools. Help us with your responses and we will get in touch with some of you to know more in detail based on your responses on the survey.

Survey Link


Being said that, I'll tag a few experts to see if they have found a different way to achieve this. 


Hey @Bryantworks @StefaniUAT @Josh  any thoughts you'd like to share with @James-Preseem


Thank you & Happy Friday!


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