Program is broken. Not working right.


When I read an email that i sent out to a person, your pop up that shows that it was read by the recipient, also is also popping up when I read the e-mail on my computer giving me a false reading.  Additionally it is charged against my free 200 views. So if I open an e-mail to read it on my computer 4 times, it is taking away from my free 200 pop ups. Since i usually look at an email right after i send it, I do not know if the person at the other end actually opened it or not, since it now shows it as read when I open it on my computer. Ted Wolk

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Community Manager

Hi @Frustrated,


Please view these resources regarding how to address and resolve the issue of self open notifications. 


1. how can I stop self open notifications

2. self open notifications


If you are still experiencing this issue after following these steps, please provide as much detail as you can regarding what extension you are using, what version of your inbox you are using, how often this is happening, and any other relevent screenshots.