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Persistent Custom CSAT Survey Link



I am looking to optimise my workflow and I wanted to ask some advice or see if anyone else is managing surveys the way I am intending. I imagine to some degree my current process is rather laborious.


In essence, I am currently sending five unique CSAT surveys to different cohorts each week. This results in a huge number of surveys which I have to manage and delete over time. 


What I am thinking of doing is creating a custom survey with a CSAT sentiment module, and then embedding this as a persistent survey link into emails. This way I can send batched emails with a button linking back to the same survey. 


In my mind, this would mean over time the survey would have all relevant CSAT content for each cohort.  And there would only be five surveys, rather than numerous. 


However, my concerns are:


  • If someone already completed it, would they be able to complete it again?
  • Will customer identifation track through?
  • Will the additional step from email link to survey crush engagement?




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Persistent Custom CSAT Survey Link

Hi @TBevan,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

These are great questions 🙂 


I would like to invite our subject matter experts to see if they have insight.

Hi @Jnix284@jolle@franksteiner79 - Do you have any thoughts for @TBevan?

Thank you!




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Persistent Custom CSAT Survey Link

Thanks for the tag @kvlschaefer , sadly I don't have much to contribute for this one.


@TBevan it will be difficult to offer guidance with this because you have so many unique variables that (for me at least) aren't easy to replicate. Hopefully someone with more experience using CSAT this way will be able to help!

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