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Periodic 1on1 with random customers / Reverse Round Robin

I am UX designer and I am thinking about introducing randomly generated, consistently scheduled meetings with customers in our company. This allows me to: test and gather feedback for designs that are work in progress, collect insights about our products post launch and do foundational research to find out what is missing in our product from a UX perspective.

I imagined that it could work like this: Hubspot sends out invites for the following week to 5 random customers from our database. The customers can choose a meeting slot only in that week and when my calendar is free.


Is it possible to do this?

Automating this process would not only save time and hassle to organize these meetings but also enforce a certain consistency.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Periodic 1on1 with random customers / Reverse Round Robin

Hi @PSanta,


Thanks for reaching out! 


That's a great idea! I don't think that sending automated emails to 5 random contacts would be possible since the Round Robin functionality within workflows is limited to contact owner assignment.


I hope this helps!




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