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While I understand that HubSpot's Knowledge Base tool is mainly for creating quick articles, it's missing some of the basic formatting functionality, such as indenting, and some of the existing formatting like ordered and unordered lists don't always function correctly, create unnecessary spaces at times, and do not provide the ability to have both ordered and unordered lists together. This ends up consuming more time than I would expect for a quick and easy Knowledge Base set up. 


I would like to see the ability to insert text as HTML like in other areas of HubSpot. I think it would save time for writers and allow organizations to give their articles a more professional style. 

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Excellent suggestions. You may wish to add to a new or existing thread in HubSpot Ideas.


You'll typically get much more traction from the HubSpot Community AND the Ideas Forum is where HubSpot Product Teams monitor suggestions for popularity -- i.e., VOTES! 🙂


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Agreed.  Our knowledge base articles are confusing because of the inability to indent level 2 bullet points further than level 1 bullet points, etc.

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this is important!!


Especially the ability to add colors and underlines to text, and have more granular font size options.