Is HubSpot ditching small business?

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I joined HubSpot last fall and brought our whole team on CRM and Sales hubs and was so excited we could get so much for $50 per user. We are only a small sales team of 3 so it worked perfectly. 


I was also excited about the future updates of HubSpot, especially the Customer Hub. Announced at Inbound 2017 that would include a free version. Now the Customer Hub is the "Service Hub" and costs $400/month. 


Oh and conversations? That free tool that will be added to Hubspot CRM free for everyone? Yeah, that is part of Service Hub now and will cost you $400/month. 


When I have contacted HubSpot about this they tell me that a free version of the Service Hub is "coming soon" and that conversations will be added to the CRM this summer. Of course, this is after they sell it to everyone for $400/month...


I purposefully didn't buy Salesforce because it was "much too expensive" for our small team of 3. Salesforce is $75/person. Salesforce now seems much more committed to small business than HubSpot. I really hope HubSpot will take note of how they are treating their smaller customers and realize that we need their product too. 

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @ngurney! We are absolutely not abandoning small, growing teams like yours -- in fact, we’re working to make even more of our product free or low cost.


We are indeed working on free solutions for both Service Hub and conversations. Transforming both of those products into freemium versions has taken a bit longer than we initially expected.


Conversations will be available to everyone later this summer. I am PSYCHED by just how much we’ll be giving away for free (the launch of Conversations is something I’ve invested heavily in, so this one is very dear to me).


We’re also committed to a lighter version of Service Hub that will be an excellent and complete service solution for small teams like yours. We appreciate your patience as we work on rolling these new features out.

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Excellent news. Thanks for that @ebeck ... now please go back to work and we promise to never bother you again. haha

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Need to get the product team to unlock limited Service Hub functionality on DEV portals. We basically can't contribute to the HubSpot Service Hub discussion without this functionality being made available.

HubSpot Product Team

@MFrankJohnson, this is actually something we've heard from a few folks. Creating a thriving developer community on top of the Service Hub is really important to us. We're working to make things easier for developers, and it's something we hope to offer in the future.

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Congratulations on your launch of Conversations. Lookin good.




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I agree with your view and I had a similar feeling. Of course, if the freemiums become available, it would be better for us small companies, but the I can sense the general shift that HubSpot is now aiming for the B2C market.