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Follow-up on B2B NPS survey - unable to automate tasks to account owners

We are a B2B business. We leverage the Feedback tooling in our Enterprise Service Hub to send out an NPS to our main stakeholders across accounts regularly. Ideally, whenever someone fills out the survey a task would be automated for the account Manger of the company (which is an Owner field on the company record) in our HubSpot to review the feedback and follow up if needed. 


I have tried the following options but can't find a workaround:

  • building a workflow based on Feedback triggers -- this doesn't work since the only "specific owner" options for a task would be if the feedback was tied to a Ticket owner assuming feedback surveys only go out after a traditional ticket was worked
  • building a workflow based on Contact triggers -- this gets close, but our Account Managers are tied to company records and not at the contact record. I don't have a way to pull in a company owner field in to a contact triggered ticket. 

Anyone else having this issue? Or found a tangential workaround I can try? 

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Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner

Follow-up on B2B NPS survey - unable to automate tasks to account owners

Hi @TCornRain,


In my opinion, if your latter option is closer I would create a workflow that copies the Account Owner from the Company record to the associated contact records. You can keep the owner of the contact consistent, the Account Owner would be a secondary owner property. 


Honestly, this could be valuable to have on the contact record outside of this specific need as well.



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