Feedback Survey Images Blocked by Virus Software


Feedback Survey Image Issues.png


I would love to see something that helps with the above situation. We get poor scores because images in the feedback emails are blocked by some virus protection software. I can delete the responses but then I can't easily resend the survey to those who answered incorrectly (that's a separate issue). If the alt-text or something appeared in place of the images, that might help with the incorrect clicks.

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Community Manager

Hi @kdeleon 


Thank you for reaching out. It looks like this is coming from the option in Outlook to not automatically download the pictures in emails (more info here)


That said, I want to tag some of our experts for this specific case with the customer survey - @Josh @StefaniUAT @MichaelC do you have any thoughts on this for @kdeleon ? 


Thank you!



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