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Email to customer after conversation and/or ticket closed for NPS

Hi all, 

We use Hubspot for our Customer Experience team. We would like to have an automated email to be sent to the customer a day after we close the ticket and/or conversation, which is a numeric 1 - 10 "how happy are you with the result of your issue?". 

Then, if under a certain number, the conversation is reopened and assigned to a senior member of the team. 

My questions are:
1. How do we design the email template? Where do we find this?
2. How do we create the workflow?
3. Has any companies that use Hubspot for the CX team managed to do this effectively and any tips/hints they could provide? 

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Email to customer after conversation and/or ticket closed for NPS

Here's how you can set up an automated email workflow using Zapier to send a satisfaction survey to customers after a ticket or conversation is closed in HubSpot:

  1. Designing the Email Template:

    • You can design the email template in your email marketing platform or within HubSpot itself.
    • Include a personalized greeting, a brief message explaining the purpose of the email (to gather feedback), and a numeric rating scale (1-10) asking about the customer's satisfaction with the resolution of their issue.
    • Provide a call-to-action (CTA) for customers to submit their feedback.
    • Make sure to include merge tags or placeholders for dynamic content like the customer's name, ticket number, etc.
  2. Creating the Workflow:

    • Trigger: Set up a trigger that detects when a ticket or conversation is closed in HubSpot. You can use the "Ticket Closed" or "Conversation Closed" trigger depending on your setup.
    • Delay: Add a delay step to wait for a day after the ticket or conversation is closed before sending the email. This ensures that customers receive the email at an appropriate time.
    • Action - Send Email: Configure an action to send an email using your email marketing platform (e.g., Gmail, Mailchimp). Use the email template you designed earlier and customize it with merge tags to personalize the content.
    • Conditional Logic: Implement conditional logic to check if the customer's satisfaction rating is below a certain threshold (e.g., less than 7). If the rating is below the threshold, trigger an action to reopen the conversation and assign it to a senior team member.
  3. Effectiveness and Tips:

    • Some companies using HubSpot for CX may have implemented similar workflows. You can search for case studies or reach out to the HubSpot community for insights and best practices.
    • Consider automating follow-up actions based on customer feedback, such as escalating issues with low ratings to senior team members or triggering additional support resources.
    • Test the workflow thoroughly to ensure it functions as intended and provides a seamless experience for customers.
    • Monitor key metrics like response rates, satisfaction scores, and resolution times to evaluate the effectiveness of the workflow and make any necessary adjustments.

By setting up this automated workflow, you can gather feedback from customers after closing tickets or conversations in HubSpot, identify areas for improvement, and take proactive measures to address any issues raised by customers. 

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Email to customer after conversation and/or ticket closed for NPS

Hi @AMoreau7.,


It sounds like this might be more of a CSAT (customer satisfaction) survey, which would be the three faces (sad, neutral, happy). For HubSpot's Service Professional and Enterprise plans, you can create this survey by going to Service > Feedback Surveys. Here's the HubSpot help article for CSAT surveys. HubSpot provides NPS and CES surveys to leverage too.



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