Does a customer feedback survey display to the same contact after that contact has responded?

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We want to go live with our customer feedback survey. But... we need to know if the same contact will see the survey every time they go to that page of the website (which is what it's currently set to), or only until they respond to the survey. I know the cookies for the contact are being tracked to make sure they should see the survey to begin with, but couldn't tell if the survey will permanently disappear after they have responded (even if they return to the same web page at a later date).


To clarify, here are the steps I'm envisioning:


1) Contact visits a specific web page and sees the survey pop up.

2) Contact responds to survey.

3) Customer leaves.

4) Customer comes back to the web page the following week.


Will the customer see the survey again?

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It looks like you've already spoken about this with Support, but wanted to share here so others can find the answer: 


As mentioned here in this knowledge Base article, if you have decided to deliver the survey to your contacts over web page:

  • By default, the survey will not be conducted with contacts who have already completed the survey. To conduct this survey with contacts who have already been surveyed, in the Options tab, click to toggle the Re-enroll contacts switch on.

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