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Do not like Feed back Survey export changes

First, wow, it literally took me 20min to figure out how to even email/submit/post feedback. You REALLY need to make this more accessible if you care about customer satisfaction.  


My feedback is that the updates you made to the Feedback Surveys exports option within the Hubspot account are NOT consistent with what you had before.  Meaning, those folks like myself who used the exports relied on those pre-existing formats and now you provided two different styles of exports with totally differnt formats than before!  Why did you change that?!  (see image below).  Who even cares about the first version of the export, that seems meaningless, tbh.  And the second format has only created a headache for post-processing.  😞



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Gestionnaire de communauté
Gestionnaire de communauté

Do not like Feed back Survey export changes

Hi @TJonesMartin


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the new survey exporting feature. The intention behind this update was to enhance the survey exporting functionality and give the users more customization options. We apologize that this change has disrupted your usual workflow. You can find more information about this change in the Product Update section in your HubSpot account: [Live] Survey Enhancements; New Viewing and Exporting Features (published on April 19 2023) 


I'm sorry to hear that it took you longer than expected to find the right channel to submit your product feedback. We're going to look into this with our internal teams to see how we can improve this process. There are currently two ways in which you can share your product feedback: 

  • Create a post in the Community Ideas Forum: This is a public-facing forum where customers can suggest product improvements. Our Product Managers take the Ideas into consideration along with other feedback channels as well as their own vision to understand what features will be most valuable.
  • Our customers can share product feedback with technical support. This feedback is then analyzed and shared with our product team. Customers can also work with their dedicated Customer Success Managers to identify roadblocks and find solutions that will help them achieve their goals. 


Thank you for your understanding.


Mia, Community team 

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