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Calculate NPS average on the Company?

We'd like to see the average NPS score per Company based on the Contacts' responses. Is it possible in Hubspot to create that calculation via Workflows or some other method? And if so, how?


I'd prefer to see it on the Company record rather than a report so I can also pass that detail to Salesforce to view on the Account record.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Calculate NPS average on the Company?

Hey there- Cheers for engaging with the Community.


So at present, this isn't totally possible within HubSpot- When it comes to calculation properties, considering data from multiple subsets of other bjects doesn't work. That said- I can see some value in this, in that it could identify trends between Companies. It's interesting data, at the very least.


As such, I'd recommend posting something like this in the Ideas Forum. There, you can suggest new features that may be added to Hubspot in the future. Our developer team regularly checks it, so if you feel that this may be a good addition to Hubspot going forward, feel free to post it there.


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