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LvanAggelen le Août 23, 2023
Hi, I have an issue building a custom quote template. The comments field when building a quote allows for HTML markup, including links, lists, and text styling. On the quote I render the field using {{ QUOTE.hs_comments }}. But this rend Lire la suite
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Guide | Partenaire solutions Gold
Août 25, 2023
Yes I agree. I'm hoping to meet up soon with the PM to learn more about what's coming in Custom Quotes. Many things today require template & modu...Lire la suite
SAnderson17 le Juillet 24, 2023
Hi, I have a customized quote template setup by a 3rd party (RevOps) in our HS. It works fine when displayed in the browser. However, when I ask Hubspot to download it, it cuts off Products and Services info in the line items table (the right hand m Lire la suite
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Guide | Partenaire solutions Gold
Juillet 25, 2023
Nice one! great way to learn 🙂
CarlosC le Janvier 17, 2023
Hello! I have created a custom quotation from a child of "modern" applicable in several languages. There is a bug that certain custom module translations do not apply to some of the quotation templates already created. This means that when I go Lire la suite
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LWilkes le Septembre 19, 2022
Hi all! I am creating a new quote template for my company in which I want to section the different types of products in different tables with their own subtotals. I am considering to base them on either the folder structure in my product library, o Lire la suite
Membre | Partenaire solutions Platinum
Septembre 26, 2022
Thank you for your response. My intention is to base it on properties such as product type. We do mention the quantity of line items, but it does not...Lire la suite
Jake_Lett le Juillet 05, 2022
Does anyone know if there was a recent DNS or URL update for HubSpot Sales Quotes on Jul 1? I have a client saying the functionality has changed and published quote links they sent out now have 404 errors. If the quote was never reclaimed Lire la suite
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Mars 28, 2024
I've tried this solution multiple times, but nothing seems to have worked.
velliott le Mai 18, 2022
Hi all, I'm excited to share our CRM Quote API now supports create and update fucntionality. Our documentation has been updated to reflect this. More details below. Cheers! Developers can now use HubSpot’s CRM API to create and update q Lire la suite
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