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velliott 3月 16日, 2022
Hi folks, I’m so excited to announce that our Customized Quote Template feature is out of beta and live in all Sales Hub Pro and Enterprise portals. Thank you all for contributing feedback and ideas that helped make this launch a reality. We stil 続きを読む
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トップ投稿者 | Platinum Partner
5月 30日, 2023 18:16
I have some queries after copying a Quote and trying to make some amendments to it. Are you able to help? Many thanks, Vanessa
jmclaren 2月 10日, 2021
Hey everyone, We know a lot of you asked questions elsewhere. There are likely questions someone else has asked already that you want to know the answers to. To make it easier for everyone to knowledge share we’ve collected them here to make it ea 続きを読む
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2月 18日, 2021 10:07
Hello! I submitted an idea in the idea forum that is related to quotes. Here's the post:続きを読む
jmclaren 2月 10日, 2021
Hey all, As we work on iterating and improving this functionality we want to make sure we're solving for your needs. We want to hear your feedback. Was there anything you expected to be able to do with custom quote templates that you couldn't 続きを読む
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Accepted Solution
2月 19日, 2021 02:28
Hi If I'm understanding you correctly. this is already possible. For example. {{ DEAL.dealname }} will pull in the Name given to the deal. Yo...続きを読む
ethankopit 2月 28日, 2021
Hey folks - our team is approaching a new phase in our beta. We believe that it's in the best interest for everyone to transition from creating templates that are pure HTML/CSS/JS, to templates that based on HubSpot CMS modules . By building templa 続きを読む
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10月 01日, 2021 13:15
Can I get into the custom quotes template Beta? Or do you have a realese date on this update?
LWilkes 9月 19日, 2022
Hi all! I am creating a new quote template for my company in which I want to section the different types of products in different tables with their own subtotals. I am considering to base them on either the folder structure in my product library, o 続きを読む
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メンバー | Platinum Partner
9月 26日, 2022 07:06
Thank you for your response. My intention is to base it on properties such as product type. We do mention the quantity of line items, but it does not...続きを読む
eliot_martin 4月 12日, 2022
I am struggling with conflicts between what is shown on a quote and the ARR/TCC values populated on the deal. Here is the scenario... I have a service that I want to sell as 3-year subscription, billed on each year so have created the following 続きを読む
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トップ投稿者 | Platinum Partner
5月 30日, 2023 18:20
Are there any updates to these discussions, since this is a use case I'm working on right now (May 2023) so would love to know if any of the above fi...続きを読む


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