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Would this be possible? Uploading files through a form in a quote & validation

So, we have this case for one of our clients. They're an asset manager and private equity firm, and want to use a custom quotes template to create quotes that include file upload functionality so recipients can upload their ID and copies of required documents along with putting their signature down.


I've played around with the new beta and have a few questions about this:


  • I already figured out I can include the form module snippet to put a form inside a quote that will work. Also supports file uploads like normal. I have no idea if this was intended functionality, but here we are. Form works like normal, converts to a thank-you message (or redirect, but that's not what I want here obv), activity shows on contact's record with quote name as the conversion page. File will be uploaded to a contact property as usual.

  • I figure that for this whole thing to work, I'd need to put in some validation, i.e. putting the signature on the quote should not be possible until the form has been submitted. I'm no developer myself. I'd brief my developers but I'd like to check with this group if what I'm thinking of is feasible. My simple mind thinks of something like an IF check that evaluates the form submission status, shows "Please upload your ID first" if it's not been submitted yet and the signature code if it has been. Does this make sense? Would it be possible?

  • My second question is about security. We'd be uploading IDs and potentially other documentation that is of a sensitive nature. Are there any best practices or things to keep in mind surrounding this, that would impact a setup like this?
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