Custom Quote Template Beta

by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Welcome to the beta for customizable quote templates!

Welcome to the super-secret HubSpot Community group for customizable quote templates! This is an invite-only group for beta users of this new feature. We've also got some HubSpotters here to help wherever we can. 


Gathering as a group there's a few things we hope to collectively get out of this:

  • We want your feedback, what do you like, what don't you like? Do you have suggestions for how we can make it better?
  • We want to see how you want to use this functionality. It informs how we shape both the functionality and our documentation. This helps us make it better prior to a full release to everyone. Gotta admit, you're already out there doing more with this functionality than we anticipated.
  • There are questions that you might have, where the answers for you might also help someone else. You may have knowledge and experience other participants of this beta may not. Asking here enables us HubSpotters and you lovely folks to collaboratively share knowledge for the benefit of everyone in the beta. 


We will be publishing a link to our developer documentation for Custom Quote Templates here soon. If you are interested in that documentation please click the follow button on this thread.


Understand this is new functionality, and it opens a lot of doors for developers to do really creative things with it. We can't predict everything you're going to try to do with it. We are already honestly blown away by the creative things folks have been trying to do. So our initial documentation and examples may be limited in clarity for your specific use-case. This content will evolve over time improving based on learnings from this group.


Here's how you can help to make this functionality better:

  • Try to keep your discussions on this functionality here in this group. Us HubSpotters are here and we're listening. Your conversations may influence how this functionality evolves. Not just that but our documentation too will evolve from the conversations here. We may not respond in every thread - to tell you the truth we are outnumbered by a lot, the number of folks in this group, is not the full amount of folks participating in the beta. Some will unfortunately choose not to participate in the group. =(  
  • We will see about aggregating the posts that we've found throughout the forums on this topic in a thread here. If you come across ones we've missed, please add to that thread. Hopefully through collecting those posts you and others here will be able to find answers to questions you have. From there on we can incorporate learnings into our documentation, helping everyone.
  • Help each other out where you can. This community is fantastic. If you take a few minutes to help someone else, they may pay it forward. Frankly you may gain some good connections in this group. Speedy history lesson - Dennis and I before joining HubSpot worked for agencies building on HubSpot, we were developers in this community sharing our knowledge and supporting folks in the community. In return folks in this community helped and supported us when we needed it. We became more knowledgeable, and also gained great connections in the community. We literally built our careers off of it. Eventually we ironically ended up working together at HubSpot. Not saying if you help each other you're going to work at HubSpot lol, but the other benefits are worth it.

HubSpotters In This Group

(a partial list)

  • Me, Jon McLaren ( @jmclaren ) - Senior CMS Developer Advocate
  • The ever enthusiastic Dennis Edson ( @dennisedson ) - Developer Community Manager
  • The brilliant David Itkin - Technical Lead for the team working on this feature.
  • The motivating Ethan Kopit - Product Manager for the team working on this feature.


These fabulous folks are dedicated to making the experience of this functionality a success. Please do us a favor, unless we ask do not DM us. We love ya and want to help but you will get faster and better help by asking in this group. 


We'll make sure that this group gets notified of any announcements related to this feature. Please subscribe if interested in those updates at

If you are actively working with this feature it may be a good idea to bookmark this group so you can easily find it. Otherwise you can find it anyhwere within by clicking "groups" > "product" then choosing this group!


Thank you for participating in this beta, and being a part of this community. Introduce yourself in the comments to let us know where you work, what you do, and how and what you're using customizable quote templates for.