Unable to use new signature and download modules


In preparation for the change from proposals to quote templates on July 12, we rebuilt our custom proposal objects in a clone of cms-quotes-theme. Our main template is based on Minimal, with a number of changes.


I have not been able to get either e-signature or quote download to work at all using a modular template. This includes quote templates made using the default Minimal and Bold quotes in the original cms-quotes-theme folder.


A coworker, who made an extremely basic HTML template in his own, non-theme folder in the root of @hubspot, was able to just change his e-signature code out for this:

{% module "signature" path="@hubspot/quote_signature" %}

and his e-signature functionality works.


That is exactly what the e-signature section in 1) my customized quote template, 2) the base HubSpot-authored Minimal template, and 3) the base HubSpot-authored Bold template all look like as well. I cannot get any of them to work.


What happens with all of those examples is that the Verify to Sign buttons appear, and I can click those and get the email. When I go to that link, this greets me every time:



My coworker sent that screenshot directly to HelloSign, but considering he was able to use the new quote_signature module outside of a set of theme folders, I'm not sure it's actually a HelloSign issue?

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Hey team, just wanted to close the loop on this since I did most of the discussion in another thread: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Custom-Quote-Template-Beta/Esign-not-working-after-verification/td-...


@ethankopit Thanks for your attention on this - oddly, I only just received the email notifications today, of your replies and @mangelet 's reply here.


I had pursued this through a ticket directly with HubSpot support about a day after posting here, and while they didn't provide specific details, I assume they may have been working with you on the back-side of things, as they were able to let me know when the issue was resolved.


Thanks again!

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Hey @mangelet and @amandaulm - thanks for flagging this, we're digging in. Can you tell me about how you did your migration? Did you start from cms-quotes-theme and make it look like your proposal templates? Or, did you copy and paste code from your cms-proposals-theme templates into the cms-quotes-theme templates?

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i'm experiencing the same issue, but i'm sure it wasn't happening before... (= we tested it)

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