Trying out the CMS version of the "Modern" template (Original and Basic to follow)

HubSpot Product Team

Hey team - would anyone be interested in trying out the CMS-based versions of Modern, which is one of our standard templates? Our goal was to match it as closely to the standard version as possible, so we're looking to get feedback on how closely it matches the original and how easy it is to customize. 


To be clear, we need help with testing before this goes into the whole beta. I wouldn't recommend using the CMS-based version of Modern yet because, if we discover bugs, we'll need to make those changes to the base template in cms-quotes-theme and your copy won't get those changes. So, you'll need to re-copy the template and re-make all of your customizations. We're looking for folks to attempt customization with coding, as well as using only the no-code editor.


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