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HubSpot Product Team

[Public Beta] Create and Update now supported in our Quotes API

Hi all, 


I'm excited to share our CRM Quote API now supports create and update fucntionality. Our documentation has been updated to reflect this. More details below. 


Developers can now use HubSpot’s CRM API to create and update quotes in HubSpot. With this update, developers can build more robust solutions to support customers’ quoting experience, including the ability to:

  • Create and publish quotes, update draft and published quotes
  • Associate a deal, contact, and/or company with a quote
  • Create and associate any quote-level discounts, fees, or taxes to a quote

Why does it matter?

Previously, developers could only retrieve quotes with HubSpot’s CRM API. This means that developers couldn’t fully support the workflows of customers who use other quoting and accounting software. And customers were left with disjointed systems and unable to use HubSpot as a central source of truth for their quotes.


Now, developers can create and update quotes using the CRM API, so they can support more flexible and powerful quoting workflows for customers, such as taxes and additional fees.


How does it work?

To get started, developers can refer to our public documentation about creating and updating quotes.


Who gets it?

All HubSpot customers and developers with access to Customized Quote Templates (which is now rolling out to free and starter customers) can use this API.

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