New version of the beta coming, new concept - we want to hear from you

by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hey everyone, 


Good stuff is on the horizon, as we've been hinting at for awhile we've taken a lot of your feedback to heart around the experience for developers, sales reps, and sales managers.

We're going to be posting soon about the next phase of this beta, which is a fairly big revamp under the hood of this functionality.


One piece of the changes you'll see involves a new concept. We honestly are trying to figure out a good name for this concept to avoid confusing folks. We'd love your thoughts on a name for it. To avoid biasing your thoughts we're going to explain what it is with blanks representing that word.

Basically the flow for custom quote templates will look kind of like this:

  1. A developer creates the template
  2. A sales ops or sales manager (or other user with the permissions) creates a __________ based on the developer created quote template. What the sales manager creates is basically a pre-configured quote, text can be changed, modules updated etc, much like you can with CMS pages. They will be able to make it so sales reps can/can't edit some content when creating a quote.
  3. Once a ______ has been created, a sales rep can create a new quote, and select one of the sales manager created ______s as a starting point.

What's the point of the sales manager _________s?

Often the actual code and design of a quote doesn't need to change frequently. The text, images however might. Additionally you want to be able to make it so legal text/terms can remain consistent. The sales manager can set up all of this ahead of time, and make things more efficient and consistent for sales reps who can quickly use these _____ on the fly to create quotes. The editing experience for this person will feel similar to editing a page on the CMS.


What name do YOU think we should give this concept/feature?

We want to make it clear what it's purpose is, and that it is different from the quote the sales rep creates, and different from the template the developer creates?


When we release the new version of this beta functionality to you we will be using a placeholder term for it, and apologize ahead of time that it will likely change to a different term closer to the official release of the feature.



For a lil' preview, Ethan posted some screenshots and described it a bit in this thread.

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

To get this discussion going, our documentation right now will refer to both what the developer creates as a template, and what the sales ops or sales manager creates as a template.

We know that using the same term in both places is confusing. We're not likely to change the term for a coded template because that term is used ubiquitously across web development and also matches with how we talk about our CMS templates. We do however feel we can better name what the Sales manager/ops person creates.

One term we've played around with is the term "blueprints". 
Does that meaning make sense to you? is there something that's more descriptive of this experience? If you hear the term blueprint and template together is it clear what each means?