Identify when quote template is in "editing" phase


When editing quotes we can use the quote property is_preview in order to check if we are in the actual quote or if we are only visualizing it.

Long story short: It would be nice if we could have a property like "is_in_editing", for when we are creating a quote based on a quote template  (like is shown here).


Currently at my company we use some properties of the quote to show/hide some modules. The problem is that hubspot provides a default quote_object when editing a quote wich causes some of the modules to not appear in the editor and therefore, not editable.
If there was a way to assert that we are in the editor with the is_in_editing property we could program our template to ignore these checks in this case.

It is kind of what is being described here but for Custom Quote Templates.

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Is this a best place to gather feedback around Custom Quote Template Beta? If not, I can move this content to the Ideas Forum.


Thank you for your post @TBarbosa !