Custom quotes that are specific to Business Units

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Seems like a no-brainer to me to include custom quotes as one of the features available for each business unit (also a feature in Beta). Currently, we are able to give each business unit its own brand kit, domains, and associate companies and contacts to each.


It would be super helpful if we could include quotes in those settings as well. Or at the very least be able to associate pipelines or deals to business units if it's too much of a technical lift to allow for custom quotes for each individual unit.

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@dianalcont this is absolutely something we want to support. In the short term, you'll be able to create any number of custom quote templates, one for each business unit. Plus, you'll be able to set a domain for each template, so domain will be handled at the admin level as well.


But, we are relying on naming conventions to make sure reps send out the right template. We will build more control over this in the future. Right now, we're focused on making the no-code editing experience better. 

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Hi @ethankopit, when do you expect this to be delivered? A lot of my clients ask for this functionality.