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Custom Quote Template: "Other Fees" Subtotal



I've been using the design manager to create a custom quote and I'm looking for a way to see a subtotal of "other fees" similarly to the way that the products and services has a one time subtotal and/or monthly and then you can see the entire quote total. I don't know that this is possible as I don't think it's an option currently in the system so wanted to see if this is something that has been requested during the beta process or not. 


It also seems like we should be able to separate out discounts from other fees like taxes etc. so that the discount can be applied to the entire quote total instead of a line discount applied as a negative number or percentage in other fees. 


Ideally, what would be great to have in the quote table is the option to have the products and services with all the line items under, then the other fees with any added other fees. Below that a subtotal of products and services, then subtotal other fees. Then there is the ability to apply a discount either as a percentage or negative amount so that everything sums at the bottom in the quote total. 


Thanks in advance!

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Custom Quote Template: "Other Fees" Subtotal

@jmclaren and @ethankopit , is there anything you can share with @jessicad ?