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Custom Quote Beta - 5 Requests

We are using the custom quotes beta and very happy with it. Two requests after extensive use:


1) Please allow us to order the templates. Currently the templates show up in the order of "newest created to oldest" which is an odd ordering choice but also means that if we make a new template, our sales team has that as the first option (and invevitably somebody chooses it without paying attention)... See screenshot:

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 2.12.55 PM.png


2) Please allow us to make quotes available to specific teams. For example, my account management team should not have access to my "New Business" template and my Sales team should not have access to the "Renewal or Expansion" template.


3) Please make some sort of variable available on the quote (even via API if necessary) so that in workflows (even by using custom code if necessary) we can identify which template was used.


4) Please add the concept of an "Approval Team" whereby anybody on the team can approve a quote rather than requiring a single person to do approvals.


5) Please expose some sort of global JavaScript variable, or allow us to bind to a listener for "All Signers are Done" so that we can use that important event to ask for billing info or make the download button visible. There are a number of use cases but right now everything is buried in webpacked modules so we haven't bothered trying to figure out how to hack it... A listener or event emitter would be ideal.

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