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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Beta Now Available to Sales Pro and Enterprise Only Portals

Hi all. Tori here, the Ptoduct Manager taking over custom quotes. Some of you may know me from working on our CMS Hub these past 2+ years. 


I'm excited to let you all know that we have lossened the beta criteria and are now supporting sales hub only (pro and enterprise) customers in the custom quotes beta. They will be able to get started using custom quotes whithout the deisgn manager by leveraging our no-code editor and new defualt templates. This will allow admins to edit and hide modules such as rich text, add images, set colors and fonts, and associate a domain to a template. 


If you or your customers are looking to get access to this additional beta functionality, please contact your customer success manager. If you are unsure of who your CSM is, please contact 


As always, if you have feedback please don't hesitate to post here in this forum. Thanks!

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