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In the new quote template, will there be a possibility to attach a file within a quote template?

Due to privacy and data protection rules, our clients now constantly ask for these documents attached to the quote itself as one document rather just having links. 


Will this be included?

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The new quotes system the developer can place modules into the template. Those modules can contain link fields, rich text fields etc. Meaning the sales manager/ops user would be able to provide links or attachments to assets that way. This does require a developer to provide a module for doing that. Because the sales ops/manager is creating a re-usable "blueprint/template" the same link would be added to all quotes created from this blueprint/template. (We have a thread asking for help on naming what we call this new concept).

At the current state of the beta, the sales rep themselves would not be able to add or set the attachment. What they see is currently very similar to the existing quote editing experience. Down the road the experience for the sales rep will change.

Jon McLaren

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