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Managing agent availability through API

Hello everyone :),


I've  been looking to check and modify the availability of agents in a portal via the API,

I found this post from 2019 that said that it was impossible at the time and the documentation doesn't mention anything about it being possible either


Does anyone know if there is a way/workaround to check and/or change agent status via API ?


Thank you in advance


Aurélien Poirier


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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Managing agent availability through API

Hi @TheFlyingPan,


This is not something we currently support.


Thanks for posting here though; we use these posts (and upvotes on them) when prioritizing future features to add to the Conversations API. This isn't a feature we're considering adding in the short term, but it's something we might consider in the future based on interest.