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Conversations API & Webhooks Documentation

Hey there, beta users!


For the Conversations API private beta, the main documentation is located at:


We also have Conversations webhooks that you can subscribe to in order to lern about new Conversations threads, updates to existing Conversations threads, and new messages on threads. You can create subscriptions for these in the "Webhooks" page for your app in your developer portal, or via the Webhooks API.


The available webhook events are:

  • Conversation - Created (converation.creation)
    • Indicates that a new Conversations thread has been created
  • Conversation - Deleted (conversation.deletion)
    • Indicates that a Conversations thread has been archived (or soft-deleted)
  • Conversation - Deleted for privacy (conversation.privacyDeletion)
    • Indicates that a Conversations thead has been purged (or hard-deleted)
  • Conversation - Property changed (conversation.propertyChange)
    • Indicates that a property of a Conversations thread has changed
    • Available properties:
      • assignedTo: indicates a thread's assignment has changed; value: the agent ID of the new assignee, if any
      • status: indicates a thread's status has changed; value: OPEN or CLOSED
      • isArchived: when a thread is restored (un-archived), a conversation.propertyChange webhook will be sent with isArchived: false
  • Conversation - New message (conversation.newMessage)
    • Indicates that a new message has been posted on a Conversations thread
    • Extra fields available on webhook:
      • messageId: the ID of the new message
      • messageType: the type of the new message (MESSAGE, COMMENT, WELCOME_MESSAGE)

The objectId on all webhook events is the ID of the Conversations thread that the webhook corresponds to.


For any questions or feedback regarding the documentation, the APIs themselves, or the webhooks, please start new threads in this forum.



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