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i want to learn seo

hello everyone 

I want to learn (SEO) search engine optimisation skills and earn kitchen income to sell services anybody can guide me and I also want to work with someone and learn as a student 


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i want to learn seo

Hey! I am an SEO Specialist at, and the course has helped me immensely! 

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i want to learn seo

Hi @Agard12 🙂


I agree everybody, but I'd like to say don't forget to check Goggle Documentation about it.



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i want to learn seo

I would start by taking a look a Moz and SEMRush's materials! 


But two of my favorite places to get the latest news on all things SEO is Ahref's YouTube page: and Demand Gen Report!


i want to learn seo

Hey @Agard12 , 


Huge kudos to you for looking to learn a new skill, especially one as in demand as SEO! There's definitely a lot you can learn and there have been some great resources shared in this thread already, so I'll add a couple more- 


LinkedIn Learning has an SEO Expert learning path. I find these are great because when you complete the course you will also get a certification proving your knowledge, which can be very important as you are just getting started and won't have as much experience under your belt - 


Neil Patel's SEO Unlocked- 

Neil Patel's Local SEO Unlocked- 


These are great places to get started, but my biggest recommendation would be to put it into action for yourself. You can be your own first client by putting together your personal website and working on your SEO from there! This is a great way to both practice and show potential clients that you can put your knowledge into action. 


Best of luck as you are learning!




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i want to learn seo

Hi @Agard12 


I recommend the SEMrush Academy and their blog as great SEO resources:


This is also a handy resource I found:



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Participant | Diamond Partner

i want to learn seo

+1 on SEMrush Academy and

I also recommend Ahrefs stuff. They have some really good courses over on their Academy and they upload really entertaining SEO tutorials over on their YouTube channel too.

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i want to learn seo

Hi @Agard12. One of my very favorite SEO resources is a person, Damon Burton. His LinkedIn feed has great insight, plus his company SEO National is terrific with resources. I really like his human approach to SEO verses the more technical and old-school approach of others.


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i want to learn seo

What a rad thread with great resources.  Been in SEO for 15 years so it's cool seeing new interests in it.  (Probably ages me why I use the word "rad.")  Thanks for the mention, @danmoyle.


@Agard12(and any others interested), I have an SEO course in beta.  I recorded it two years ago and charged a few grand, but stopped promoting it because business has been busy.  The majority of the content is still solid, but I'd like to re-record down the road it with better lighting, audio, and more enthusiasm.  A little Ben Stein'ish. 😆

Happy to grant access to a few people for free if a) you won't waste the resource and will actually implement the material b) know it's not actively supported. 

I do have a Facebook group I'll be launching to support it though so you can drop questions there and I'm up for answering as time permits.

Anyone not wanting to dig super deep into SEO implementation yet but wanting to learn the basics, I published a best-selling book on SEO that I give away for free.  It's at

As of now, there's no upsell or anything.  It's an instant download and the thank you page just invites you to the Facebook group mentioned above.

I'm not active on Hubspot forums so I likely won't see replies.  Just came to say thanks and give my support to everyone.  If I can grant you access or answer questions, I'm most active on LinkedIn.  Welcome to shoot me a private message there:

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Guide | Diamond Partner

i want to learn seo

Hi @Agard12 ,

Well! Reading blogs and doing certification is one of the easier ways to enhance your skills. If I talk about certifications, then HubSpot academy is one of the best platforms to learn without paying a single buck. Here are some links to it-

Now, if I talk about blogs, then here are the resource links

Hope this helps!

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i want to learn seo

I am able to offer your advice, have you got a website


i want to learn seo

Learning from Hubspot is one of the best ways and, if you need to follow up on anything that is not clearly understood, you can research google and lookup SEO on youtube. The development of the SEO mindset is essential for your learning, however, you should do your best to focus on topics related to SEO and also learn Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing include Google's Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals. Why? Simple, they are related to one another like a family of brothers and sisters, mom and dad. Next, it is vital to put what you learn into operation because learning plus action equals results. Do not become a person who acts as a memory bank but like one who enforces steps to reach a destination. Cheers!



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Hall of Famer | Partner

i want to learn seo

Hi @Agard12,


HubSpot has a free training course on SEO and achieving sustainable organic traffic growth right here:


On top of that, I would recommend Google's Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals:


Moz, an authority on the topic, also has a great SEO learning center here:


Lastly, any names that you stumble upon (SEO experts), I'd recommend following on LinkedIn or Twitter. Reading about SEO relevant news is great to learn more about the topic.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions and good luck!

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i want to learn seo

Greeting Karsten Kohler, I like your response as it also adds to my knowledge. 

Well done! Cheers!