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SmitDholakiya en May 26, 2024
Hi, We're encountering a unique issue post the helpful content update in September. We have over 400 business planning template pages that were performing well in rankings. However, since the update, some of these pages have inexplicably disappear Leer más
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3 Respuestas
Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Elite
May 28, 2024 08:53
Hi @SmitDholakiya . That can be extremely frustrating. Here's where I'd start: Dig into Google's advice (and maybe this forum ) Use a tool...Leer más
johnnyr209 en May 22, 2024
All the blog pagination pages have the same og:url they all have the blog home page as the content. Each pagination page should have the actual page URL, for example: /page/2, /page/3, /page/4, etc... <meta property="og:url" content="BLOG H Leer más
1 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
May 23, 2024 08:36
Hey @johnnyr209 , thank you for posting in our Community! You need to update the <meta property="og:url"> tag dynamically to match the...Leer más
JulieNguyen-Duy en May 22, 2024
Hello, We are creating a Landing Page on Hubspot with Growth Thematic. The issue is we can't delete the white space between the website header and the image with Growth Thematic. Thank you, Regards, Julie
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Administrador de la comunidad
May 22, 2024 17:51
Hey @JulieNguyen-Duy , thank you for posting in our Community! Have you checked with your design manager in HubSpot? Locate the CSS file ass...Leer más
NKapindulaHut en May 15, 2024
I believe when I create my next content I need to improve in addressing my customers' pain points and create a detailed eye catching description that addresses their concerns.
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
May 16, 2024 00:19
Hi @NKapindulaHut , That's a fantastic insight! Focusing on your customers' pain points is crucial for engaging content. Understanding their n...Leer más
darshanhira en May 14, 2024
Hi, I'm Darshan Hiranandani , beginner in Digital Marketing, anyone help me how to rank website in SERP?
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
May 14, 2024 15:29
Hey @darshanhira , thank you for posting in our Community! I would recommend to start by identifying relevant keywords that your target audi...Leer más
EHadi en May 04, 2024
If you are a person of SEO Content community you might be aware with the word unique content. Unique content refers to original, high-quality, and relevant material that provides value to your audience. It's the kind of content that resonates with Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
May 05, 2024 10:54
Respected @Jnix284 Give short summary of your answer here, then they decide whether to read more or not
AJ_Kakrot en Abril 30, 2024
Hi, I have a query on video, we have HubSpot Professional plan for marketing and sales, so can anyone help me with below. How much storage space does HubSpot provide for professional plan. Can I upload videos in HubSpot files and embed Leer más
1 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Asesor destacado
Abril 30, 2024 15:11
Hi @AJ_Kakrot ! I believe this article will help with some of your questions: Add videos to your HubSpot content The videos are hosted...Leer más
cpopel24 en Abril 24, 2024
Before redoing our website navigation (main website not hosted in HubSpot), our internal links from subtopics were all validated as linking to the core topic pillar page. All showed as "green". Some of those included links that went to an anchor s Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Elite
Abril 24, 2024 19:48
Hi @cpopel24 I'm sorry to hear you've run into an issue with your subtopic validation! I would've loved to see the "before" when they were va...Leer más
janz en Abril 21, 2024
Hi everyone, I'm having with SSL cert after setting a redirect to the primary page in Hubspot. It seems that the cert is only created for the primary page not for the redirect domain that points to the primary domain. I can only access the prim Leer más
0 Me gusta
11 Respuestas
Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Elite
Abril 25, 2024 07:37
Hi @janz thanks again, it looks like the HubSpot team is already aware and working on a resolution - tagging in the @CommunityTeam to see if some...Leer más
nanoomarketing en Abril 20, 2024
Hello, HubSpotters I have at least 10 x Landing pages on my HubSpot CMS site. This is one of the landing pages. Blog Post Writing Template | Google Docs ( This is my sitemap. How shou Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Elite
Abril 20, 2024 16:49
Hi @nanoomarketing happy to help with updating your sitemap. In HubSpot, only website and blog pages are automatically added to your sitemap....Leer más
VeronicaFlores en Abril 20, 2024
Over the last two weeks, I've encountered problems with ranking on Google Local Services, and I've been testing to find the best strategies for ranking. I've read numerous articles emphasizing the optimization of information, gathering custo Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Elite
Abril 23, 2024 07:37
Thanks for tagging one of my answers @BérangèreL ! @VeronicaFlores I also wrote this article for the HubSpot Advocates blog: Why Google Li...Leer más
VeronicaFlores en Abril 15, 2024
After the latest Google update, I noticed a significant drop in my website's rankings, despite having high-quality and optimized content. I read that this update involved the use of artificial intelligence, but I have not utilized AI in my content Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Abril 15, 2024 18:42
Hey @VeronicaFlores , thank you for posting in our Community! Google's updates, especially those incorporating artificial intelligence, can ...Leer más
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