Which of these URL is better for SEO?

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I am trying to restructure our website that is focus on Healthcare and could you please help me which of these two decisions for URL is better for SEO ?
We present best providers for any healthcare procedures in each city and country. here is an example of rhinoplasty procedure in turkey:
I also worried about repeating 'rhinoplasty' two times in single URL. 

1- Is it necessary to write exact focus keyword in last folder of URL? In this example, rhinoplasty is our pillar page, so it has so many cluster contents that link back to it, such as this procedures in each countries, ...

2- Is it necessary to put our main pillar pages in top level of URL? can we locate all pillar pages related to cosmetic surgeries inside cosmetic-surgery folder?
Pillarpage: www.mywebsite.com/en/cosmetic-surgery/rhinoplasty

3- I will write cluster contents for 'rhinoplasty' pillar page, then link back to it from blog posts
If I also try to tag all cluster contents related to rhinoplasty in one category with the name of: rhinoplasty 
is there any conflict between these two pages, rhinoplasty pillar page and blog category for rhinoplasty. 
I do not want they compete with each other to rank on google. thanks
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Hi @reza_ns,


Is your website live? Are you building your website on HubSpot? If you are looking for consultation regarding building your website, I would recommend connecting with the platform you are building your website on, or working with a Partner who can consult on best practices.


Thank you,

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This issue is very general, and also suspicious if we have to maintain a good SEO for a site.

According to Best SEO practices :

You can go with the above link. As per the search volume.


also, rhinoplasty is good, there should not be any unnecessary redirection other things are okay.

Also can have a look at this article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/technical-seo/url-structure/#close


I hope it helps.



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I m totally agreed with their suggestion. You can go ahead and select that URL  which he is suggesting you here.