Universal/wildcard URL Redirects


I am looking to create universal directs with a wildcard. The current wildcard feature does NOT appear to have the function I am looking for. 






I would like to create a universal redirect for all pages that contain url


And redirect those to www.website.com/blog


With other CRM's, I have seen the following

Original URL or path: /blog/author/*

Destination URL or path: /blog


The Hubspot URL Mapping appears to only be available if you force a URL string after the *(wildcard)


Does anyone know if a universal direct is possible, and if so how?


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Hi @nikkiwardle  Can you go ahead and try this:


Original URL or path: /blog/author/*

Destination URL or path: /blog


In most cases, users will want to recreate the slug on the new blog post, but I don't think it is required. I would try it on my portal but I don't have blogs in that format. 


Please try redirecting the specific to the general blog url and let me know if you are succesfull. 


Thank you,


Ed Justen 

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Hi there! 

I'm hoping someone can answer this. We have our resources page set up using a blog template. The resources all link to landing pages, so we don't want the posts used to populate the resource listing page showing up in search. How would we set up the original and redirect URL for all of our resource posts? I know this is similar to the question above, but there is only one level after the main domain (new-resources-page), not two (blog/author). 


Here is a post: 


Here's where we want it to go: 



Thank you!