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We get a lot of warnings from google pageSpeed Insights that we have image files larger than what is nessecary. I thought Hubspot files had a resize functionality that reduced the size of images for example. But all warnings reffer to Hubspot file locations. We would like to avoid having to reduce the images before uploading them in hubspot files if possible. Especially since the "optimal" size depend on what screen the users are using when looking at our website?

So is there a whay that hubspot can reduce the file size to something that google recommends? I mean the proposed "file size potential saving" shown on the report (printscreen) is a lot.

I read something about CDN-tools that resize the image depending on what size of the screen the user is using. Is this an alternetive from hubspot files resize?



Many thanks for any help on this!

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Hi @AxelS 


Thank you for all the detailed information. 


I was investigating and I've found these tips on how to improve your website speed and the performance of your mobile site here and here.


Also, I've linked a knowledge base article that outlines factors that can have an impact on loading times.


I'd also recommend checking these community threads here and here run through this in greater detail.


I hope this helps


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Hi @sharonlicari 

and thank you for the ilinks. I got a better understanding after reading up on them. Especially for the part about java code.

However I still would like to know what the limits of the rezising function are in Hubspot files. In the knowledge base article you mention no images should be over 150kb. But our files dont get resized to that when we upload. Also the manual resize function in files just creates a copy and I then have to download it from files and upload it as replacement for the old file again. 

We just dont feel the images gets the optimal size when we upload into files since we keep getting warnings. We would just like to upload images in files and that they would be given optimal size for the pages we used them on. The Google Page speed tool is recomended in the article also and we just keep getting warnings of image size everywhere even though we upload to files (and they should get proper resizing), even when the images are less than 150kb.