Questions on Clustering Implementation

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Hey all, couple of questions related to clustering.


Firstly, if a cluster grows large and we cannot organically fit links to each subtopic in the body of the pillar article, is it appropriate to have a section in which all subtopic links are listed? Or is context critical?


Secondly, if a feature page or product page covers the exact same topic as a pillar article, is it best to combine them? For example, let's say you sell computer parts. You have 4 main product pages: desktops, laptops, monitors, and tablets. You may have clusters for a number of different topics, one of which is "Monitors." Should your "pillar" article just be the Monitors product page? Or should they be kept separate?


My concern is keyword canibalizing and purpose confusion (the intent of one page would be to sell monitors, the other to inform about monitors).


Any input would be a huge help!

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Hi there,


Hope you're well. 


When it comes to your first question. One thing I did with a client while we were developing their pillar pages was that we put a FAQs section at the end of each page. In this way we managed to link to relevant content, but also keep the page sweet and short. Is this something that migth work for you?


When it comes to your second question, it really depends on the length of the buyer's journey. Do you feel that someone looking to educate themselves on monitors would be ready to purchase quite quickly if you had one page? 


I would be inclined to keep them separate, as the intent of someone looking for information and of someone looking to purchase the best solution there is on the market would be very different. That's not to say that you can't link one pillar page to the other. For example, you could mention your products at the end of the educational page.


I'm not sure whether this is useful.  Let me know if you have any other questions. 


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Thanks, Iva! This is a huge help.

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 The FAQ section is a great idea! What we do is to use an advanced menu module in the sidebar of our page. This is a content cluster navigation menu that has links to all the pages of our cluster. You can use multi-level menus with fly-outs to contain the size and organization of all the links.


I actually don't include our blog posts in that menu, as those tend to be more tangentential than our core cluster web pages. I just make sure each of our related blogs contains at least one link to at least one of the content cluster pages. And I make sure there is a link to each blog somewhere in at least one of our content cluster pages.


On your second part, I completely agree with Iva that it's best to keep your information content on a separate page from your commerce content. Each speaks to a different audience.


What we've done for that situation is to include a decision-stage page in our content cluster. We use the pillar page as an all-inclusive informational page, which will include a short section oriented to someone in the buying stage. Then, we build out cluster pages that diver deeper into various niche topics, at least one of which is the product-oriented how-to-buy page.