Question about aligning website & URL architecture with topic pillars and clusters model


I'm working on restructuring our website, include all top level pages and blog topics and posts due to the topic cluster model.

Our website is about medical treatemnts and offering best healthcare centers and physcians in each region, city and country. 

the main and top level parts of our website are: 

  • Hospitals: inclue hospital profiles
  • Clinics: include clinics profile
  • Doctors: include doctors profile
  • Treatments: Include comperhensive informational refrence profile for each treatments.
           for example: Rhinoplasty, Lipomatic etc... . 
  • Blog
  • About us

We choosing our treatment profiles(rhinplasty ... ) as a pillar pages, and then creat blog posts for subtopics related to this pillars (Open surgery method in rhinoplasty etc..)

And each treatment, beside its sub topic medical issues, It presents one of our most imprtant landing pages offering best of this treatment providers in each region: 

  • Rhinoplasty:
    • Rhinoplasty in Turkey
      • Rhinoplasty in Istanbul
      • Rhinoplasty in Ankara
      • ...
    • Rhinoplasty in Germany
      • Rhinoplasty in Berlin
      • Rhinoplasty in Frankfurt
      • ...
  •  Face Lift:
    •  Face Lift in Turkey
      •  Face Lift in Istanbul
      •  Face Lift in Ankara
      • ...
    •  Face Lift in Germany
      •  Face Lift in Berlin
      •  Face Lift in Frankfurt
      • ...

Each of these landing pages discuss about top providers, cost analysis etc...

This is our URL structure:

  • ...

and subtopics linking to treatments(rhinoplasty):


but I dont know how to design appropriate structure for listing our treatment in each regions, 

My questions: 

  1. Does it necessary all cluster pages should located in Pillar page's subdirectory and follow its URL as a parent? because in our scheme, Treeatment pillar pages get links back from Blog posts.

  2. What is your suggustion for best structuring our treatment-in-regions landing pages? Do they need new top level category as a 'Destinations' ? 

  3. Do our treatment-in-regions landing pages (Rhinoplasty in berlin) consider as a clusters of Rhinoplasty pillar page and get link from this page and link back to it too? 

  4. We also have similar geo grouping for our Providers (hospitals, clinics etc... ) in each country and city.  What is your opinion for its structuring that has no conflict with treatments? 

I appreciate if help me to do my best for my company. thanks


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HI @reza_ns,


Do you have a live link to your website that we can review to get a sense of how this looks in action? 


@DanielSanchez@JonStanis do you have any suggestions or tips for @reza_ns and developing their website?


Thank you,

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  1. All pages in a cluster do not need to be in a pillar page's subdirectory. We create pillars all the time that link back and forth between blogs and entier other portions of websites. What matters is that they are important to the subject and keywords.
  2. For regions, I would suggest using the location as the top directory. That will put the region name closer to the front of the URL ranking it higher for that location as a keyword. Or, if you are more concerned about the treatment as the primary keyword us that as the primary directory. (e.g. /facelift/turkey)
  3. Link out to a landing page from a pillar page but not the other way around. You want visitors to convert on a landing page, not go back to the pillar page.
  4. For providers, I would go with a structure that is type of provider/location or combine them into one directory (e.g. hospitals-in-turkey, clinics-in-turkey).
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Thanks for sharing @JonStanis


Dear John, thank you for your answer, 
1-We have another challenge to choose flat url structure vs heirrchical ? 
we find out we should use hierarchical for better usablity and keeping it short , but utmost only segmenting it into two directories: 
chosen: e.g : 

chosen: e.g:

we choose this vs the another alternative soloution : 


and put all pages related to treatment (except blog posts). 

it may has some other SEO reasons you may know. 
I lookforward to hearing your opinion and suggustion about both these choices. 


2- In all pages that present best providers of any treatment in
specific location(e.g : ) we should present three best provider for this treatment in this location. and link to their persoal profiles. 
one provider (physician) may present in different treatments, and get link from many pages, it would be okay if this provider located under the same cluster-pillar content group, but it is not always true, 
we chose /rhinoplasty as a pillar, then link to its cluster as a /rhinoplasty-berlin 
then this last page link to all three providers for this treatment. 
but these providers maybe get link from /facelift content group. 
and it has conflict with one of main rules of this model that we do not link cluster contents from different groups. 
I hope I explained enough what I mean, 
thank you

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  1. In general, it is good to keep a URL structure as flat as possible. I don't think 2 levels is too bad for secondary content, but a pillar page should definitely be at the top level of the domain.
  2. Having links to content come from multiple pillars should be ok. Make sure the anchor text is relevant to the pillar page you are linking to. That should help crawlers know what keywords those pillar pages should rank for.

Are you sure about Pillar pages should always located at top level of website? 




Hello, unfortunatley my website still in Arabic language, we are trying to launch its enlgish version ASAP. 

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Hi @reza_ns , I just ended up on your thread and wanted to ask - how did your launch go? I know it's been a few months. If you have any questions about the website or maybe you are experiencing a challenge right now you could use help with - our VP of Marketing is answering any Marketing questions you have in the thread I posted below. Let us know if you need any help with strategy or HubSpot - we're here for you!


Hi, unfortunatley my site still in Arabic language,,, we are attempting to dispatch its enlgish form ASAP.