Live Now: Delay workflows until specific days/times or until an event has taken place

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It is now possible to add a delay to your workflow that is not just for a set amount of time (days, hours, or minutes) but also for a specific day of the week or time of day or until a specific action takes place (form submission, page visit, property value change).


In the past when each contact entered into a workflow and encountered a "delay", they would wait for the exact amount of time to pass in the delay before the next action taking place. However, this could lead to some actions taking place at times which were deemed un-optimal or taking place to long after the previous desired action had been completed.


This new workflow delay feature will allow you to make sure workflow actions take place at times that actually make sense and also enhance your ability to communicate and help your customers more efficiently and in real-time.


In order to access this feature, all you need to do is hit the delay button when creating a workflow and the option should now be available. 

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