Linking cluster topics/pillars with CTAs in article?




I work on a couple blogs that want to catch some SERP attention (while enhancing reader experience) with the cluster topic model.


I've been stuck on two questions, though, for quite a while:

- Can cluster pieces include CTAs that link to internal landing pages that aren't part of the structure (i.e., our general free-trial sales page)? 

- Can I support two pillar pieces with one article, provided it's all interlinked correctly?


I understand the model, but am not sure if using it means there should be zero additional interal links outside of it?


Thank you so much for any guidance!

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Someone else may be able to provide a stronger explanation, but I will try to help.


For your first question, yes you are able to do this. If you're using a cluster page that doesn't really have any relevant CTAs to link to within its topic, there shouldn't be anything wrong with linking to a general, internal landing page. Just be aware that you don't want to overload the cluster with too many links to pages outside of the topic structure. 


For question 2, the way topic clusters/pillar pages are set up in HubSpot does not allow you to link a cluster to more than one pillar page in the SEO strategy section (under Marketing --> Planning/Strategy). Likewise, you cannot use the same page as more than one pillar.


Theoretically, there is nothing stopping you from linking a webpage within the page itself to multiple pillars (by simply editing the page). But this could potentially become confusing for search engines if they are unsure which pages on your website fall under the same topic. I'd imagine this is the reason HubSpot limits you in the SEO set-up area—to prevent you from linking the same pages all over your website.


This got a little wordy, so I'll summarize it! Yes, you are able to use a CTA to link to a landing page outside of the topic itself. I don't believe this would cause any issues unless you are adding a bunch of links to irrelevant pages outside the topic structure. You cannot link a webpage to more than one pillar page in the SEO strategy section, but you are able to simply add the link in yourself via editing the cluster page. This isn't really recommended, though. 


Thank you for such a clear and well-though reply. It's difficult to get straight answers on this question, so yours is well-appreciated.


I'm sorry that I didn't respond sooner - this advice has been and continues to be very helpful.