Is it possible to link the same URL (Subtopic Keyword) in different TOPICS??

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We are trying to add the same subtopic keyword to different TOPICS, but it's not possible.

Here is the example:

We have as TOPICS: 1) Sales CRM and 2) MKTG CRM.

And we'd like to add the same subtopic keyword (blog post) "Align sales and marketing" to both TOPICS. As we see is not possible, what do you recommend to do in case we have some content which could fit in differents TOPICS and help SEO??


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Marta Agraz

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Hi @Marta_Agraz 


U can create topics to use how subtopic, just configure in Design Manager, to get one menu created in settings, and have a easy maintenance. 


After all, i think subtopics are other topics, with a hierarchy in the menu and sometimes in the URL.


Hope this helps.


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Hi Daniel,


I think we didn't understand each other.


Our problem is we can't add the same content in different TOPICS. 

We've tried adding the same subtopic keyword to finde the same subtopic content and here is when we can't find it to add. If we follow the same steps, with the first topic (CRM para ventas) we work it's ok; that's, we add the subtopic keyword (alinear ventas y CRM) and it automatically finds us the subtopic content we want to add (a post blog). But the problem is when we continue with another topic (CRM para marketing), we add the same subtopic keyword but then, it doesn't suggest any subtopic content and the only way to add the same blog post is adding it like an external URL.


So now, we have the same content (the same blog post) in different topics, but in differents way to be attached and we don't know what difference it makes...

I'm a littble bit confused with that.


Thanks in advance!


PS: I attach an image with the process steps, it perhaps helps you to understand my problem.





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Hello @Marta_Agraz


Unfortunately, you are not able to attach the same piece of content (such as a blog) to more than one Topic in the "SEO" section of HubSpot (where all of your pillar pages and topic clusters are). Theoretically, you could still go into the blog post itself and edit to add a link to the pillar page(s) you want.


I believe the reason why HubSpot doesn't allow you to link content to multiple Topics (pillar pages) is that this can confuse search engines when trying to determine which of your pages are related (if it sees the same page linking to multiple pillars, it could be uncertain which topic the page should fall under). I'm not 100% certain on that, but I think that could make sense, seeing as how search engines can be very strict with the way they analyze, interpret, and rank webpages and content. 

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Hi @Marta_Agraz ,


Really i understood wrong your question. Sorry!


I hope @Phil_DM2 can help you with reply above.

Good luck! Smiley Happy