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How does the SEO tool actually work?

I was wondering about the hubspot SEO tool, How does this work because I have like 400 recommendations "Improve page loading time" But I score an A on GTMetrix and google page speed insights gives me 97% and only green numbers.




Could someone please explain?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

How does the SEO tool actually work?

Hey @BBecker1, Happy Monday!


Since we're using SEO tools from Google to display these recommendations and results, we would not be able to see why there may be some slight discrepancies. The reasons can vary between our tool and a 3rd party, but it's normally due to a system load, network proxies, security settings, etc. 


Generally both tools should show the same pages to have a speed issue, the factors above would play into why you see a difference in time.


I hope this information helps,


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